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Fundraising Website

Jackey has Cancer and we need to raise money to help her fight it.





Linda Vincent on

6278 4799 or

PO Box 5638, LATHAM ACT 2615


Her Latest Challenge

In August 2005, after her last lot of Radiotherapy finished Jackey was not feeling too well, it was suspected she had a blood clot on the lungs and she was admitted to hospital. She did indeed have a blood clot on the lung. In addition and shortly thereafter Jackey found out that any further conventional treatment on her cancer was ruled out. Jackey has an atypical carcinoid, this type of cancer is extremely aggressive in its persistence. Jackey and her family were told that there were no further options on the day her 2 nd grandchild was born in the same hospital. Jackey's family and husband once again spent every possible moment by her bedside in Hospital, a situation all too familiar to them. I visited Jackey when she was in hospital, and I don't think I have every seen someone so frail with such determination to survive, I cried. There was hope that Jackey could go to Melbourne for treatment, but it was found this would not be suitable for her condition. After 6 weeks of many visits, phone calls and chasing medical experts Jim (Jackey's Husband) had identified a new wonder drug called Avastin as a possible treatment. The drug is TGA approved, but is not on the pharmaceutical benefits list.

Jim managed to secure hospital treatment for Jackey, who initially needed 6 treatments over 18 weeks at a cost of over $8,300.00 a treatment, every 3 weeks. The hospital, and reasonably so, required full payment prior to each treatment session being administered as this drug, the only option to save her life, was not on the PBS. Jackey has had no other option but to pay for this treatment out of her own pocket. This cost is in addition to her everyday pharmaceutical and Doctors costs. Further adding to her difficulties Jackey has had to seek treatment interstate in order to reduce the cost slightly.